Brockton Area Transit
ROBLOX is Opening
To The Public On
June 11th!

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About Us

Brockton Area Transit is a ROBLOX Transit Company that transports passengers in a City Bus around in the City of Brockton. We currently serve routes 2, 5, and 6, we plan to add many more in the near future.     

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Trainings - Bus Operators

Brockton Area Transit will be hosting trainings on opening day for bus operators, the discord link will be in the seciton below along with the ROBLOX Group Link.     

Group Links

Staff Applications

Brockton Area Transit ROBLOX is looking for Instructors and Dispatchers to join our team. Apply below!
* Must have Discord
* Must be able to use Voice Chat in Discord (at least listen, but speaking is preferred)
* Proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling must be evident in your application
* No previous record of negative moderation feedback
* Must not have Safechat in-game (Roblox restriction for certain words)
* Must be 13+

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If you have any questions, please don't hestitate to ask at anytime! Have a great day!

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